How to fix translucent teeth / How to fix transparent teeth.

How to fix translucent teeth / How to fix transparent teeth.

Enamel is the outer protective layer of teeth, if it thins the tips of your teeth can become translucent / transparent, and white spots can develop on the tooth’s surface. In many cases translucent teeth can be repaired by a high performance enamel repair toothpaste which helps replace lost tooth minerals and thicken the enamel.

Transparent teeth

What causes translucent teeth?

Translucent teeth can be an early sign there is something wrong . Five of the main causes of translucent teeth include:

  1. If present from time tooth erupts (is formed) : May be a  genetic diseases such as enamel hypoplasia in which the enamel fails to form properly, leaving the tooth translucent.
  2. If starts happening after eruption ( after teeth are formed) :  Transparent or translucent teeth can be an early sign of tooth decay / caries. Acids from the foods we eat or caused by bacteria feeding on sugars we eat demineralise/erode the enamel. As the enamel thins the tooth’s tip can become transparent, whilst on the tooth’s surface white spots can become visible. If left unchecked a cavity may form.
  3. Mouth breathing: people who breathe through their mouths at night have been shown to develop very high levels of acidity in the mouth that dissolves the enamel over time – see article
  4. Teeth whitening can damage the tooth’s enamel. Whitening treatments can cause enamel loss and the tooth to become transparent and white spots to develop.
  5. Vomiting / Reflux / Bulimia : as acid comes up from the stomach it can literally dissolves the tooth’s enamel.

How to fix translucent teeth

Translucency / Transparency / White spots may be able to be reduced or repaired by replacing lost minerals. Remineralisation is the natural process of replacing minerals (enamel) onto the tooth’s surface, products such as BioMin have been shown to significantly increase the rate of remineralisation by supplying the essential building blocks of the enamel (bio-available calcium & phosphate) and with BioMin F, low dose slow release fluoride that acts as a catalyst to drive the remineralisation process whilst also acting to reduce demineralisation.

Remineralisation is a relatively slow process, though within a few months noticeable differences may be seen. It is also important to try and stop the cause of the enamel loss, this may be achieved by improved diet / a reduction is acidic foods and sugars, improved oral care, breathing through your nose vs mouth and not vomiting / controlling reflux (if possible)

Below are some customer reviews that relate to transparency / translucency and mineral loss. The ability to remineralise the tooth depends on many factors including the severity of the enamel loss. Eg: repeat vomiting has removed all enamel then remineralisation can not occur, (see your dentist – other procedures such as bonding or veneers may be required).

BioMin F provides our highest level of performance and in university testing has been shown to deliver market leading performance.  As per above, try and remove the cause of the enamel loss, use BioMin F twice per day as per instructions.

BioMin customer reviews on transparent teeth.

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BioMin customer reviews on transparent teeth.

Note everybody’s teeth are different as are the cause of the problem. If BioMin is unable to assist with your dental concern please see a dentist for advice.

Excellent Toothpaste

After using this toothpaste for a few months the difference in my teeth is noticeable. Fine lines are disappearing and my teeth are not as transparent and they are whiter! Bernadette

Less transparent in a few weeks

I’ve been using this amazing toothpaste for a few weeks and teeth are becoming whiter and less transparent. Thank you.  Billie

This product has worked very well for me I advise anyone with enamel or decay issues to give it a go

I’ve had issues with decay, unexplainable acidity and enamel loss for a few years. I’ve tried many different dentists, toothpastes natural and chemical based. Also tried rinces, coconut oil and extra calcium in my diet with no fix. Until I found biomin on eBay. My problem isn’t cured but it has definitely helped with the amount of decay and discolouring and transparency of my teeth after using it day and night for about a month. Some of the decay has changed from dark orange to light yellow/white and gums look healthier also. It has helped with receding of my gums. . I’m planning on continued use of this product to see if it helps with more time. No dentist has been able to figure out why my teeth are wearing away so this has been a god send to help recover small amounts of damage! I’ve no side effects for using this product. Haley

This article if for general information purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your dentist or other qualified healthcare professional.