4 Star review

My teeth are feeling stronger (I have severe enamel loss and breaking at tips of bottom front teeth). Brown patches appear to be shrinking (only on first tube so this is after only a couple of weeks). Side effect is I lathered it on like a paste and left it on and my gums didn’t like it – caused them to retract. I realise that it contains an irritant so know I’m mixing it half and half with another enamel product (the one with the milk casein,CCP I think it’s called, from Melbourne) and once I’ve put it over my teeth (about a minute) I then rinse it off with water. I think the effect is still improving and my gums are happy now – I also swapped to an even more gentle toothbrush – the electric one but using it manually. So fingers crossed – I’m also going to try the BioMin C cause another reviewer thought it worked even better

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