Case Study : Male 10 Mouth Breather

BioMin F Case study: Mouth breathing, brown stains, demineralisation.

Before: Staining 3 mths post dentist clean
After: 5 mths post dentist clean using BioMin F

10-years-old male breathes through the mouth when sleeping, teeth have demineralised and stained.

Parents Comment : (NSW)

Our son’s teeth are very susceptible to staining due to him being a mouth breather.  Usually approximately 2 months after his dental clean/check-up, the stains start to return using regular toothpaste.  We started using BioMin F after his last visit to the dentist. The second photo was taken 5 months after his last visit to the dentist and they are still super white!! He has a more confident smile now not having to worry about the staining on his teeth.

The whole family now uses BioMin F!  Highly recommend it!

Clinical Research:

Research recently conducted at the University of Otago NZ has shown that pH of mouth breathers can fall as low as 3.6 when sleeping, well below the critical threshold of 5.5 where enamel starts do demineralise[i]. It left unchecked decay can occur.

[i] Choi, J. E., et al, Intraoral pH and temperature during sleep with and without mouth breathing. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation.

Dentists Review :  Dr Pikoulas: The Dental Spa Bondi

“I started trialling BioMin F on my patients for approximately 6 months now and the feedback that I’m getting is fantastic. Due to the longer release of fluoride in the mouth and its bacteriostatic properties, BioMin F protects the teeth from decay better than any other toothpaste in the market.  In fact: I’m using it prior to scaling patients’ teeth and I’m obtaining minimal to none discomfort in patients that usually need to be numbed prior to getting their teeth cleaned.  Patients also report that the paste has a great taste. Excellent product!!!”

BioMin F advanced remineralising toothpaste

BioMin F is an advanced remineralising toothpaste with a relatively high remineralisation rate. It works to neutralise acids, remineralise the tooth’s enamel whilst making the enamel up to 100 times more acid resistant. BioMin F can be used for every day as a preventative and protective toothpaste and also as an advanced remineralisation dental care product.