The BioMin story : a decades research delivers an overnight success.

The BioMin story

BioMin’s unique active ingredient is a calcium fluoro phospho-silicate which belongs to the Bioglass family of substances. Bioglass-es have been used in the human body for almost 50 years and in dentisty for almost 20 years.


1969 Bioglass 45s5 composed

Bioglass 45S5 which is composed of SiO2, NA2O, CaO and P2O5 , was developed by Professor Hench of the University of Florida, as a solution to help regenerate bone.

1990s Bioglass is refined for dental usage

Bioactive glass was modified for use in the oral care, it was found that bioglass in the oral cavity could produce hydroxylapatite  which could be used to treat tooth sensitivity. The hydroxylapatite (similar to the tooths natural minerals) could fill the exposed tubules that allowed sensations like sweet, hot or cold to reach nerves and cause pain.

2010s improving performance of Bioglass

Over the past decade Professor Hill a world leading expert in Bioglass conducted research to improve the dental performance of Bioglass by modifying the phosphate content to aid remineralisation, adding additional components such as fluoride for the formation of fluorapatite over hydroxylapatite and reducing particle sizes to enable a larger portion of particles to enter and fill open dentine tubules and reduced damage from abrasion.

2013 BioMin recognised

The work of Professor Hill and his team was recognised by a number of awards including the prestigious Armours and Brasiers Venture prize for innovation.

2014 BioMin Technologies Ltd established

BioMin Technologies Ltd of the UK  was established to commercialise the research conducted by Professor Hill and his team.