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Sensitivity Toothpaste



Sensitivity Toothpaste

BioMin Sensitivity Toothpaste has been clinically shown to effectively treat sensitive teeth.  The Oral Health Foundation’s expert panel has accredited BioMin F for sensitivity reduction and tooth remineralisation. BioMin F is’s rated No.1 Dental & Health Care product.


The BioMin Difference

Sensitivity is caused by an opening in the tooth (tubule) which is exposed through aging, gum disease, whitening treatments, or defects in the enamel. It is estimated that up to 40% of adults suffer from sensitive teeth.

BioMin’s unique technology allows it to seal the tubule from within with fluoridated tooth mineral (internal enamel remineralisation). This stops the nerves being stimulated and stops / reduces tooth sensitivity

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    87% Report reduction in sensitivity

    87% of the 470 reviewers on reported BioMin F reduced their sensitivity pain. (June 2023)

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    73% of responses said BioMin is the best sensitivity product they have ever used

    Dr Stefano Daniele clinical trial to compared BioMin F in the treatment of sensitive teeth. Following 2 weeks of usage 73% patients found BioMin to be more effective than any other sensitivity treatment previously used. Article

  • 5 Sensivity clinical papers
    5 Clincial head to head comparisons

    In independent clinical studies BioMin has been independently head-to-head compared against supermarket & pharmacy mega brands. The results confirm BioMin as the No.1 choice.

Additional information

If independent comparisons and reviews don’t convince you to start using BioMin, keep on reading.

The team at Queen Mary University & world-renowned sensitivity expert & author Dr Gillam designed BioMin to enter and seal the cause of sensitivity (open tubule) rather than surface coat or numb the nerve. Remineralising inside the tubule creates a more complete and acid resistant fluorapatite seal, which helps reduce / stop the nerve being stimulated and causing pain. The image shows the tubule before & after use of BioMin and acid attack, the tubules are being filled up. Clinical papers


Tubule treated with BioMin Sensitivity Toothpaste

The image shows open exposed tubules before and after treatment with BioMin & acid attack

BioMin Sensitivity toothpaste FAQs

How long before I see results?

BioMin works to internally seal the tooth rather than cover over. Like a bucket it takes longer to fill up than just put a lid on it. Everybody is different some people will see an improvement in 1 to 2 days, generally give BioMin a week or two. (most sensitivity toothpaste is the same). The sensitivity pain should continue to reduce over time. Note If pain does persist, please see a dentist there might be a problem that needs diagnosis.

BioMin F or BioMin C?

BioMin F is the best performing product and our recommendation. If you prefer not to have fluoride in your toothpaste, BioMin C was created. It still delivers a high level of sensitivity reduction.

Does BioMin proetect my teeth?

Yes, BioMin is a highly effective toothpaste that helps deliver minerals to the tooth surface to help repair early decay, make the enamel stronger and also help stop decay occurring. BioMin becomes your everyday toothpaste

Reviews relating to sensitivity

These reviews are, please note that everybody’s teeth are different and there is no perfect solution that can work for all users.