BioMin F Case Studies

BioMin F case studies.
Helping bring back confidence.

Seeing a child smile, no longer embarrassed about the spots, marks and colour of their teeth is amazingly rewarding. We are building up a collection of Australian BioMin F customers before and after photos, the results are amazing. We can’t guarantee the same results for all customers, there are many factors in dental care that affect the outcome. We can, however, tell you dentists clinicians are making the swap to BioMin F and being surprised by the results.

This collection includes before and after photos, for general customer reviews and comments please click here

Male 10 years old – Mouthbreather, demineralisation, extrinsic staining

Female 9 years old – Extrinsic staining, demineralisation, dull teeth

Female 14 years old – white spots,  white marks,  white lesions