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Aust: 4 +  full sized tubes or $49+ (toothpaste ex travel)


1 Tube BioMin F = Approx US$8

Rapid Antigen Tests: Our medical division has "very high sensitivity" RATs in stock. Order with your toothpaste now

The RAT we supply have the highest TGA rating of Very High Sensitivity rating.  The brand name is ‘On-site’.



USA Customers Please READ!!!

If you are in the USA:

LAZARK PTY LTD is unable gain or offer product or usage insurance to you.  For you to purchase BioMin or any product from us we need you to sign a waiver that indemnifies / takes away your ability to take legal action against us.   Why can’t we get insurance?  It’s not because BioMin is deemed dangerous, it’s because the US is a litigious country and international insurers want huge sums of money to offer insurance. We have insurance for the rest of the world.

What do you need to do:  Print,  sign, scan and email the following to us:


I ………….   am purchasing BioMin Toothpaste from Lazark Pty Ltd of Australia. I understand that LAZARK is not able to provide any product or usage insurance on the product. I am purchasing the BioMin for my own personal consumption and will not give, distribute or sell the toothpaste to any other person or party.  In purchasing the BioMin Toothpaste from LAZARK PTY LTD  I forgo the right to make any type of claim direct or indirect against LAZARK its employees or directors with regards to any damage or complaint I may or have /  been caused by directly or indirectly from the usage of the BioMin Toothpaste.  I also forgo any rights to make claim against BioMin Technologies of the UK and any of its employees, agents or directors.











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BioMin F : 

BioMin F for Kids:

BioMin C : 

Santa delivered too many BioMin Cs.

Get 1  BioMin C for Free!  Buy a 6 pack, only pay for 5.


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Shipping rates:   Retail Australia
  • Free standard shipping available in Australia (1-7 days)
    • 1  tube $8.00 : 2 -3 tubes $6.00 (Full sized)
    • 4+ tubes or 6 Kids size:  Free shipping
Shipping rates:  Retail New Zealand
    •  NZ 7- 14 working days
    • 0-3 tubes $10.00, 4 tubes $6.00, 5-6 tubes $8, 7-10 tubes $10, 11+ $12
  • Wholesale  login to see specific pricing. /  do not receive bonus items or free shipping
  • Retail inc GST / Wholesale ex GST