BioMin F and BioMin C are award-winning toothpaste developed at Queen Mary University London.  Born from a decades research their unique technology has been designed to help relieve sensitive tooth pain, reverse early decay,  remineralise and repair enamel, neutralise acids and strengthen teeth.

BioMin F
Efficient  fluoride

High-performance everyday toothpaste.

Our best selling, best performing toothpaste

Australia’s No.1 consumer rated Toothpaste & Dental Care Product

BioMin C

High-performance everyday toothpaste.

 Science-based  fluoride free

Australia’s No. 2 consumer rated toothpaste.

BioMin’s patented slow release mechanism delivers essential bioavailable minerals to the tooth’s enamel.


Helping to:

tooth enamel armour coating

Fight decay up to 6X longer whilst using up to 60% less fluoride.

Icon for sensitive,cavities

Fix tooth sensitivity

enamel protection and repair

Deliver the building blocks of teeth to drive repair/remineralisation.


Neutralise acidity, the cause of decay

Whitens teeth

Make teeth whiter and brighter without the use of peroxides.

For ages 3 to 103 (can spit out). Join thousands of others and try BioMin today, your teeth will thank you.

BioMin F fights decay up to 6X longer!  Thereapeutic levels of fluoride last up to 12 hours.

Research shows that you benefit more from low doses of fluoride with a sustained release than from a high dose that washes away. It is not the amount of fluoride that counts but the length of time it is in contact with the teeth.

Dr Chris Branfield

BioMin F : Therapeutic fluoride available up to 12 hours
Regular toothpaste

For fluoride to be beneficial for longer than the time of brushing, fluoride needs to be deposited and slowly released.

Professor Ten Cate

Slow-release formula a performance breakthrough!

Fluoride is clinically proven to fight decay, however, with regular toothpaste fluoride rapidly disappears1. BioMin F’s patented technology releases fluoride slowly, maintaining beneficial (therapeutic) levels up to 6X longer (12h). The slow release of fluoride also means up to 60% less fluoride is required.

*BioMin F 530 ppm fluoride. Regular adult toothpaste approx 1,450 ppm.

Stronger and less prone to cavities

BioMin F has made a marked difference to my tooth in just over a month or two. My teeth feel stronger and less prone to cavities, which I’m really happy about. Scott Aug 2017

Just buy it for ya choppers

This stuff is great for keeping you out of the dentist, I’m in Australia and a friend recommended this from uk always had trouble with tooth decay but with regular use, this stuff stops it in it’s tracks .oooooo weeeeee.  Woty Jan 2018

Stronger and whiter

I’ve been using BioMin F for the past month or so and have been extremely happy so far. My teeth feel stronger (I even noticed this after the first use) and I’ve had a couple of people ask if I’ve had my teeth whitened because this toothpaste appears to have whitened my teeth by a couple of shades. Siobhan Feb 2018

More reviews
Finally innovation in dental care

While the big players have only taken small steps for improvements in dental care, BiominF has taken a huge leap!! After 1.5+ yrs using the product, both myself and my wife have had great results. We’ve seen a big reduction in decay (cavities). It’s also awesome this was developed from research at a university rather than from the traditional big drug companies. Trevor Feb 22, 2018 

Stronger and less prone to cavities

BioMinF has made a marked difference to my tooth in just over a month or two. My teeth feel stronger and less prone to cavities, which I’m really happy about. Scott (NZ)  August 28, 2017

Significantly improved

This toothpaste is fabulous, it has improved my teeth significantly in the four months I have been using it. give it a try, you will not be disappointed! RJ – Dec 5, 2016

Is BioMin F the No.1 solution for sensitive teeth?  (Dentine Hypersensitivity)

1 in 2 survey respondents said BioMin F was “more effective” than any other sensitivity toothpaste they had used.

(196 responses BioMin consumer survey).

86% of responses on saw a sensitivity improvement. (1/6/2020)

4 clinical papers showed BioMin F performs very very favourably against market leading supermarket and pharmacy sensitivity toothpaste brands.

Try BioMin for yourself 

We can’t guarantee BioMin will be better at relieving sensitive teeth, our customer review’s and feedback suggest that there’s a reasonably good chance!!


Note: BioMin is indicated for the treatment of Dentine Hypersensitivity. Continued tooth pain or sensitivity could indicate and inherent problem that needs professional diagnosis. If systems persist see your dentist.

The BioMin difference. 

BioMin has been designed from the ground up to help  repair Δ   the cause of (dentine) tooth sensitivity and take away / reduce the discomfort. Many products simply cover over the cause of sensitivity teeth or use nerve numbing agents.  BioMin gets inside the cause of sensitivity, the tooth’s open tubule and seals from within,  creating a harder more resilient acid resistant solution.

Δ Forms a protective layer that helps seal the open tubule, the common cause of  dentine sensitivity . Brush twice a day for lasting sensitivity protection.

How long before I expect results. 

Everybody is different, some people may see results within a day or two, on average you should start seeing a significant reduction in tooth sensitivity  after a couple of weeks, improving with continued use.

Can I spot dab, I have a problem tooth 

Yes. If you have a ‘problem’ tooth you can smear some BioMin on to help give some instant / extra relief. reviews related to sensitive teeth.

Note: Everyone is different all users may not gain the same results.