How to Fix Sensitive Teeth : Stop tooth pain

BioMin helps fix sensitive teeth

BioMin helps fix sensitive teeth by internally sealing exposed tubules (the cause of sensitivity) for a greater reduction in sensitivity pain. Most sensitivity toothpaste only cover over the cause or numb the nerve.

BioMin F has been independently clinically tested against many leading brands and shown to deliver very favourable results in the reduction of sensitivity pain.

BioMin has rapidly developed a cult following, with 85% respondents (BioMin F) on independent review site reporting a drop in sensitivity pain. It’s not hard to see why more people are choosing BioMin to fix their tooth sensitivity pain. Please note : If sensitivity persists  please see your dentist.

In 2018/19 Dr Stefano Daniele under took a clinical trial to compare BioMin F in the treatment of sensitive teeth (Dentine Hypersensitivity).  He found in 79% of cases patients reported their sensitivity reduced or completely disappeared following two weeks of BioMin F usage and 73% said BioMin was more effective than any other sensitivity treatment they had previously used. Article

Sensitive teeth affect up to 40% of adults  and is caused by small holes (tubules) in the tooth exposed from aging, gum disease, decay and whitening treatments.

The common treatment to fix sensitive teeth is to use a certified sensitivity toothpaste. These can either work as a numbing agent such as (potassium nitrate) or help to cover or occlude the tubule to stop the nerve be stimulated and pain being felt.

With the help of Dr Gillam (renowned sensitivity expert) BioMin was designed to enter the tubule and help seal from within for a ‘more complete’ seal and better sensitivity reduction.  Around 50% of BioMin’s particles can enter the exposed tubule, forming an acid resistant (fluorapatite) seal. Many regular toothpastes simply cover over the tubule, which when exposed to acids can break and fail.

BioMin Sealing the tubule fix sensitivity

BioMin helping to seal tubules to fix sensitivity pain

BioMin Sensitivity FAQs
How long before my sensitivity reduces?

BioMin works to internally seal the tooth rather than cover over. Like a bucket it takes longer to fill up than just put a lid on it. Everybody is different some people will see an improvement in 1 to 2 days, generally give BioMin a week or two. (most sensitivity toothpaste are the same). The sensitivity pain should continue to reduce over time. Note If pain does persist please see a dentist there might be a problem that needs diagnosis.

Sensitive Teeth BioMin performs better
Adapted chart source: Clinical Comparison of 5% Fluoro Calcium Phosphosilicate Versus 5% Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate In the Treatment of Dentinal Hypersensitivity
Which product BioMin F or BioMin C?

If you are anti fluoride, then BioMin C is the product for you. Though do note that BioMin F uses about 60% less fluoride than regular toothpaste.  For the best performance we recommend BioMin F or BioMin F for Kids (same active ingredient). BioMin F creates fluorapatite (the optimal tooth material) which is 10 X more acid resistant than hydroxyapatite created by BioMin C. In University testing BioMin C still showed a high level of ‘occluded’ or sealed tubules, BioMin F was higher.


My sensitivity is not reducing what do I do?

Are you using BioMin F as per the instructions, i.e. do not rinse. If you use mouthwash use it before brushing and avoid acidic mouthwash. Reduce consumption of acidic foods (foods that are acidic when you eat them, not cause acidity). If sensitivity continues please see your dentist, there may be an underlying problem that needs to be fixed.

BioMin Sensitivity reviews:

These reviews are, please note that everybody’s teeth are different and there is no perfect solution that can work for all users.


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