Sensitive Teeth : Causes and How to fix

Who gets sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth clinically called dentine hypersensitivity affects all ages, adults aged 30-40 years are most affected[i]. Females more than males. Children can also be affected [i] 

How did I get sensitive teeth?

If the tooth’s dentine becomes exposed the tooth can become sensitive.  The dentine has tiny holes / channels called tubules; these tubules contain fluids which can activate nerves and cause mild to severe pain. The most common cause is receding gum lines caused by aging or disease.

Sensitive teeth : How to fix

BioMin is an advanced desensitising toothpaste with continued uses helps fix the cause of common sensitivity (if sensitivity continues see your dentist).

Sensitive Teeth: BioMin delivers superior sensitivity reduction.
Sensitive Teeth : Why BioMin works better

Most sensitivity toothpaste either try and numb the nerve or cover over the cause of sensitivity (exposed tubules). BioMin’s enters the exposed tubules and seals them, allowing BioMin to deliver a more complete seal[ii] , and a greater reduction in sensitivity[iii].

Sensitive Teeth: Will BioMin work for me?

For sensitive teeth (dentine hypersensitivity) BioMin is highly likely to help.  Follow the instructions, if pain continues to persist, visit your dentist.

How long before BioMin helps reduce sensitivity?

Good things take time. BioMin works by internally sealing rather than coating over. You should experience significant sensitivity reductions in 5-10 days  (same with most sensitivity toothpastes), some people get sensitivity improvement in 1-2 days. Independent testing shows improved performance over time with continued use.

Sensitive teeth : Which BioMin ?

BioMin F contains a unique slow release fluoride, it will deliver better results than BioMin C. BioMin F for kids delivers the same results as BioMin F.

How do sensitivity toothpaste work?

Sensitivity toothpaste work by either occluding (covering or sealing ) the exposed tubule or desensitising the nerve.

BioMin delivers a more complete seal.

Most sensitivity toothpaste using an occlusion method to reduce sensitivity simply create a surface coating over the exposed tubule.  BioMin particles can enter the exposed tubules and help seal from within, allowing BioMin to deliver a more complete seal[iii] , and a greater reduction in sensitivity[iv].

Sensitive Teeth BioMin performs better

Adapted chart source: Clinical Comparison of 5% Fluoro Calcium Phosphosilicate Versus 5% Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate In the Treatment of Dentinal Hypersensitivity

BioMin in No.1  Sensitivity Toothpaste. Make the change today. reviews related to sensitive teeth.

Note: Everyone is different all users may not gain the same results.


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