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Moira Crawford speaks to Prof Hill, “How less fluoride can be more?”

Moira Crawford explains how new research has shown that Biomin F is capable of remineralising both the tooth surface and the sub-surface enamel.

Podcast :  Dental Therapist : Victoria Wilson

Science behind the BioMin F.

Lecture :  Prof Hill

Fluoride containing bioglasses for dentistry

Webinar :  Dr Swati Nehete

Senior Clinical Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry QMUL

The Smart Bioactive Glass Toothpaste

Webinar : Current issues surrounding paediatric dentistry and introducing BioMin F for Kids

Webinar : Current issues surrounding paediatric dentistry and introducing BioMin F for Kids

  • Review of current status of oral health of the under 6’s
  • Treatment options and initiatives to improve outcomes
  • The technology behind novel fluoride bioglass toothpaste
  • How BioMin F for Kids may contribute towards improved outcomes
  • Sir Paul Beresford Dentist and MP  [@ 3 m 25 sec]
  • Emma Pacey, Dental Therapist and Educationalist [@ 3 M 40 sec ]
  • Dr. Nigel Carter, Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation [ @ 19 : 30 ]
  • Prof. Ferranti Wong, Professor of Paediatric Dentistry QMUL [@ 27 : 00 ]
  • Prof. Robert Hill, Director and Chief Scientific Officer of BioMin Technologies [@ 36 : 30]
  • Panel discussion  [ @ 48 : 20 ]

BioMin Technologies Learning platform :Earn CPD Points.

Topics Include :

  •  Current issues surrounding paediatric dentistry; Introducing BioMin F for Kids
  •  Introduction ‘smart’ bioactive glasses and their application in oral healthcare and clinical dentistry
  • Introduction to management of Dentine Hypersensitivity
  • Training Programme – Bioactive Glass Based Toothpastes for Tooth Sensitivity Relief and Remineralisation Dentine Hypersensitivity
  • BioMin – The smart bioactive glass toothpaste
  • Clinical research supporting BioMin F toothpaste for Dentine Hypersensitivity
  • Introduction to the benefits fluoride bioglass toothpastes for children
  • Science behind fluoride bioactive glass materials used in BioMin F toothpaste
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