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The benefits fluoride

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Quality over quantity. How less fluoride can actually be more

Fluoride within the bio-glass structure of BioMinF is used more effectively, therefore less is required. Learn more

Note:  In ANZ BioMinF is not approved to make sensitivity claims.

Is fluoride good or bad?

Small amounts of fluoride, released slowly over time, can have a therapeutic benefit of enhanced resistance to acid attack and decay. Learn more

Low-fluoride toothpaste : 60% less fluoride

BioMinF is a low fluoride toothpaste with 50-60% less fluoride than standard toothpaste. Whilst maintaining therapeutic levels of fluoride in the mouth for up to 12 hours. Learn more

The Protective Benefits of Fluoride

Fluoride protects teeth, drives the repair process and makes the tooth harder and more acid resistant. Learn more

Remineralisation / Demineralisation :  Remineralization / Demineralization / Acid and Sugar Protection
24/7 BioMinF shield
Enamel, Demineralisation and Remineralisation

The BioMinF molecule is able to slowly release fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions over a period of 8 to 12 hours. Effectively reducing demineralisation and help to increase remineralisation of the tooth and fight decay.   Read more

Remineralise repair & whiten teeth. BioMin F efficient fluoride toothpaste single tube 100 grams
BioMinF remineralising toothpaste with active acid resistance

BioMinF remineralises the tooth’s surface and helps inhibit the demineralisation process. Learn more

Actively protect teeth against sugar and acid

When under acid attack or sugar attack BioMinF increases its protective benefits. Learn more

BioMinF protects against sugars and acids
Bioactive glasses dissolve under acidic conditions to protect teeth.

When faced with an acid challenge BioMinF increases the rate dissolution, raising the pH to minimise demineralisation / damage. Learn more

Remineralising toothpaste – do the homemade recipes really work?

The food you eat has the biggest impact on the acidity of your saliva. Learn more

BioMin F Toothpaste tube
Benefits of fluorapatite

Fluorapatite is more resistant to acid than tooth enamel (hydroxyapatite) and hence gives greater protection against acid attack. Learn more

White marks on teeth : White Spots on teeth

White spots white marks on teeth are a sign of mineral deficiency and early decay. BioMinF can help replace those minerals and remove the white spots / white marks. Cause include braces, whitening treatments, acids & sugars. Learn more

ADA recommendation on which toothpaste

18 months to 5 Years, cleaned twice per day with toothpaste containing 500 – 550 ppm fluoridated toothpaste. Learn more

How to repair tooth enamel

Inhibit loss and replace lost tooth enamel with twice daily brushing. Learn more

Fix enamel damage caused by activated charcoal

ReaBioMin can help replace enamel lost from using activated charcoal. There is ‘insufficient scientific evidence to substantiate the cosmetic, health benefits or safety claims of marketed charcoal-based dentifrices’. Learn more

Transparent teeth
Enamel repair toothpaste

Replace lost enamel faster and deeper using BioMin’s unique slow release formulation. Helps repair transparent / translucent teeth, white spot lesions and damage from whitening treatments. Learn more

Stop teeth whitening pain
How to STOP teeth whitening pain

Stopping or reducing teeth whitening pain can be as simples as brushing with BioMin before & after treatment. Learn more

When should you brush your teeth?

You may be surprised to hear it, but the best time to brush is before you tuck into that all-important first meal.

exposed dentine
How to reduce enamel loss, broken teeth and tooth decay

Enamel plays a very important role in protecting teeth from decay and sensitivity, so it is important to prevent damage and erosion. Enamel forms a strong barrier that shields the inner dentine layers of teeth from the effects of acids and plaque, and protects against sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages.

How to keep your teeth healthy and pain-free for life
The health of your teeth is fundamental to your quality of life. If you look after them properly it is possible to still have a full set of teeth into your nineties. To achieve this you need to have good oral hygiene all the way from childhood through to old age and also visit your dentist regularly.
Post-tooth whitening care: 4 ways to help repair the damage.

In many cases translucent teeth can be remineralised, helping the tooth’s colour to return and help fix white spots that may have developed.

Open tubules before and after brushing with BioMinF
Exposed dentine & tubule occlusion

In healthy teeth or for those people generally less than 40 years of age the tooth’s enamel protects the underlying layer of dentine. However, if the enamel becomes worn, cracked or the gum starts to recede with ageing the dentine (dentin) can become exposed.

How does bioglass / bioactive glass work? & Future enhancements!

Article by Moira Crawford.  The benefits of adding fluoride to bioglass / bioactive glass and new applications for bioactive glasses.

Huntington Disease and Dental Care

Those living with Huntington Disease need special treatment. A lack of dexterity and a calorific diet pose special challenges

BioMin F Technology

Prof Hill explains the technology behind BioMin F. Article from Dentistry.Co.UK

Whitening toothpaste
Healthy for a selfie

“ I noticed white spots / white patches on my daughter’s teeth and sought out a solution.”

Best remineralising toothpaste for enamel needs calcium & phosphate.

The best toothpaste for your enamel is one that assists the natural remineralisation process.

Cancer and oral care

Oncology treatments can severely damage teeth, help strengthen teeth pre-treatment and repair during and post

the best fluoridated toothpaste
What makes the best fluoride toothpaste? What is the best fluoride toothpaste?

 It is suggested that since all toothpastes contain the same basic ingredients you could opt for the cheapest tube in the pharmacy.

Vegan remineralising toothpaste
Vegan Remineralising Toothpaste

Vegan remineralising toothpaste helping to repair early decay and sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity
How to fix sensitive teeth. How to stop tooth pain

BioMin helps seal the cause of common tooth sensitivity rather than simply covering over or numbing the nerve for better results.

Sensitive teeth
Best Sensitivity Toothpaste

5 reasons why BioMin F might be the Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Do you need fluoride in toothpaste?

If you have strong healthy teeth and you avoid acidic foods, make sure you brush twice per day, make sure you stop tartar build, have your teeth cleaned by the dentist regularly you might be able to avoid using fluoride toothpaste.

Kids sensitive teeth
What to use for Childrens’ Sensitive Teeth?
How to Help children with sensitive teeth?

Sensitivity toothpaste is not normally prescribed to children, however, BioMin is a unique product and can be used for ages 3+.

BioMin is a solution for sensitive teeth

The team at Queen Mary University & world-renowned sensitivity expert & author Dr Gillam designed BioMin to enter and seal the cause of sensitivity (open tubule) rather than surface coat or numb the nerve

Eating disorders and oral Health: Teeth Damage

Rebecca Taylor, who has suffered from anorexia nervosa since 2013,  found it life-changing within just a few weeks

BioMin F vs Colgate 1450 ppm toothpaste - remineralisation comparison

BioMin F in comparison to standard 1450 ppm fluoride toothpaste, delivers a greater surface micro hardness, a smoother enamel surface and greater enamel volume restoration (remineralisation)