Apagard Premio alternative BioMin Toothpaste

Apagard Premio alternative BioMin toothpaste.

BioMin C and BioMin F are alternatives to Japanese remineralising toothpaste Apagard Premio. All products add back enamel / ‘apatite’ to the tooth’s surface, can help repair early decay and reduce sensitivity.

There are 2 main differences between Apagard and BioMin:

1. the mechanism by which apatite is delivered to the enamel.

2. BioMin F also contains fluoride which creates a superior outcome.

What do Apagard users think of BioMin!

A great toothpaste. I used to purchase something similar from Japan… The families teeth are doing much better. We have been cavity free since using a remineralising toothpaste.  Lana

I really liked it! I was putting myself out of business buying Apagard all the time, so it’s great to have a local alternative that also has fluoride. It seems to be working well for me, I think.  Anon

Similar effect as the Japanese protein paste for the same purpose. Predag

Was hunting for a hydroxyapatite toothpaste with fluoride and came across BioMinF. Better than any other toothpaste I have used before and it’s great to see science and innovation in the product design. Will definitely repurchase. Isabel

Great alternative to Apagard : This has been a great cheaper alternative to Apagard. I have sensitive teeth and this offers sensitivity relief like Apagard but I bought it primarily for the remineralisation. This is obviously hard to verify but I trust it as much as I would trust Apagard so there is no loss. JDK


Please Note: We have not received any negative reviews from Apagard users! BioMin is ProductReview.com.au’s No.1 Dental Product

Performance comparison:

Remineralisation BioMin F vs Apagard Premio

A comparison measuring remineralisation rates was conducted in 2017, BioMin F’s reminrate was 3.6 +/- 0.5  vs  Apagard Premio 3.4 +/- 0.52. source

Apagard Alternative BioMin F
BioMin creates an armour coating.

When you brush with BioMin a thin coating of BioMin is placed on to the tooth’s surface. This coating dissolves across the day delivering the essential minerals of calcium, phosphate (BioMin C) and fluoride (BioMin F) and an acid neutralising hydroxyl ion.  The calcium and phosphate combine to form hydroxyapatite the analogous form of enamel which through the natural remineralisation process helps fill in the microscopic defects and repair early decay. BioMin F will form fluorapatite which is 10 times more acid resistant than hydroxyapatite and by deemed scientists the preferred tooth’s enamel mineral.

Apagard Premio

Apagard Premio contains hydroxyapatite in nano molecular form at a size of 2 microns. This hydroxyapatite helps fill the microscopic defects of the tooth’s surface to help remineralise the enamel from early decay.

Subsurface remineralisation

BioMin and Apagard Premio both have the capability to remineralise at a subsurface level. No comparison between the two products is available or implied.

Treatment of sensitive teeth

BioMin and apagard are both sensitivity treatments. BioMin F’s acid resistance delivers a significant advantage.

Key benefits of BioMin vs Apagard Premio

BioMin saves money
Price :     BioMin F RRP $12.50 BioMin C RRP $13.50  vs Apagard Premio approx. $29.95  to $39.95.

Don’t let price fool you as an indicator of performance.  BioMin has been priced to be affordable to a larger proportion of people.  Dental care can be expensive, with many people missing treatment due to cost. We have made a socially responsible decision to make BioMin a more affordable treatment.


acid resistant
BioMin F creates a 10 times more acid resistant enamel.

As discussed above Apagard Premio and BioMin C repair and remineralise the tooth with hydroxyapatite an analogous version of enamel. BioMin F includes fluoride which forms fluorapatite which is 10 times more acid resistant the hydroxyapatite.

BioMin_Smile sm
Local Availability.   

BioMin F is locally supplied by LAZARK Medical for online orders and is also available at select pharmacies. 94% of orders are dispatched from our Sydney warehouse within 24 hours order placement. Apagard Premio is not licenced for sales in Australia

What do customers think about BioMin as a remineralising toothpaste?

ProductReview.com.au reviews. Please note all teeth are different and results may not replicate in all

Join thousands of others and give BioMin F or BioMin C a try.  Approved by the Oral Health Foundation for remineralisation and rated Australia’s No.1 Dental Care Product by ProductReview.com.au (BioMin F June 2019).