Best toothpaste I have ever used

I have recently 12 months ago), had a lot of reconstructive dental work, and as a consequence suffering from extreme sensitivity, so bad, I could nolonger enjoy eating or drinking cold drinks. I lost 15 kg as a result.
When I could not get my hands on dental moose recommended by dentist, I discovered Biomin. It’s so good. My sensitivity is still present on one side of my upper teeth, however it is a massive improvement. The benefit was progressive over 2 weeks, but continues to improve. There are no side effects and I am very happy to read that it reduces likelihood of developing cavities and has a lower, but more beneficial level of fluoride. As a general practitioner, I tell my patients about it, and mow so does my dentist, who until I used it, had never heard of BioMin. He did some reading and is very impressed. Dr Marella

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