Best toothpaste to date

We have tried many toothpastes, mostly to help us keep our teeth clean and healthy. I’ve had sensitivity to cold water for a very long time, and this toothpaste appears to have reduced the sensation.

Also of note, is the remineralisation. The reason I purchased this is because my wife and I have both experienced a loss in tooth enamel, possibly due to diet and our constant search for a better toothpaste.

The answer to the best toothpaste is Biomin F. It will mineralise your teeth, and that is the purpose of toothpaste. Toothpaste isn’t there to clean your teeth, or make your breath smell nice. The sole purpose is to maintain and strengthen your tooth enamel.

Use something like a water flosser, floss twice daily, and use a good soft toothbrush head with very fine bristles, such as the Curaprox range for manual brushing, or the Gum Care brush head with the blue tips on an Oral-b mechanical brush.

Always use this toothpaste last, even after mouthwash. Since toothpaste is there for remineralisation, and is really only useful for such, use a good one like Biomin F, leave it in a while to let it settle on your teeth, then treat it like a mouthwash by swishing it between teeth. Your teeth will love you for flossing and remineralising.

My next favourite toothpaste is the Sensodyne range, which was previously called ProNamel. It is almost as good as this, but I notice my gums feel tingly and my wife dislikes it entirely. Instead we were using the Therabreath toothpaste, but I fear that particular toothpaste may have contributed to our demineralisation issue.

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