My Everyday Toothpaste: the Aussie Apagard

Found this in my search for a cheaper, Australian-made (Not made in Australia) remineralising toothpaste that’s on par with Apagard; shipping Apagard in was just too expensive. $12.50/tube on their website. I’m so glad I found Biomin: great price and makes my teeth feel shiny. I use this as my everyday toothpaste. I love how the website shows you the research; it’s supposed to prevent sensitivity going forward for longer than Apagard or their non-fluoride version (“C”). I don’t get sensitivity so often anymore, but unsure if that’s dietary or the toothpaste. My teeth feel smoother, shinier, and coated in a good way! I love the protection I feel it gives me, and the potential whitening from remineralising teeth, instead of the abrasive stuff you can find in “natural” and regular whitening toothpastes. It’s not as obvious an effect for me as I was hoping, and remineralisation can take time, but it has been an really great addition to my self-care teeth upkeep routine for bruxism. No known side effects.

TLDR: slow subtle improvement
-protection against bruxism
-noticeable enamel improvement:
-smoother, shinier, protective coating
-basically apagard for aussies,
-protection lasts longer because fluoride

Jay Melbourne

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