Extremely effective. Long term user.

I have been using this toothpaste for around a year and I am very impressed with the results. I have always had pretty transparent enamel, you could see the dentin layer underneath. My twin brother is the same.
They were always yellow due to this and I always hated them. Whitening didn’t work and I resigned myself to having less than nice enamel.

I came across this toothpaste and read all the reviews. It was worth a try. I think after about a month or more of solid use I started to see a difference. My teeth seemed more solid in colour and brighter. I thought perhaps it was just me. After a few months my best friend commented on my teeth and how white and healthy they were looking. Now a year or so on, my enamel is pretty much opaque and looks and feels solid. The transparent sickly look is gone. Dentists tell me how wonderful my teeth are.
I am also able to whiten them if I want to boost the brightness, because there is actually something to whiten now.

It does take time to see results. I would say give it at least 12 weeks before deciding. I always forget to leave it in my mouth as directed, so my results are from brushing and rinsing as per regular toothpaste. I will be getting my twin brother to try it and I will document his results too.

Oh and one last thing to note, a lot of toothpastes make the skin inside my mouth peel (gross I know) this one doesn’t!

Definitely the best toothpaste out there and I will be using it for life.

Thank you Biomin, I am happy to receive a free tube of toothpaste 🙂 Delilah

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