4 1/2 months on

5 star review

I purchased 4 tubes & commenced using Biomin F in late December ’19. Earlier last year I had, on the recommendation of my dentist, a limited treatment with Tooth Mousse. There appeared to be no noticeable improvement in the softening of the dentine in my teeth using that, though it may not have been a long enough course.
I plan a longer treatment with Biomin F. At this stage, all I can honestly say by comparison is that it is quite pleasant to use and a simpler routine to follow (than with Toothmousse). Hence the neutral rating.
I’ll give a more useful and honest review after my 6 month dental checkup.
Update May 2020:
I’ve been using Biomin F, as directed, for 4 1/2 months now. Have just had a dental procedure and ask the dentist to check for soft spots in my teeth. Unlike previous visits he found none. I’ll continue to check with him as time goes on, but indications are Biomin works as intended.

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