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Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth, is it BioMin F ?

For the treatment of sensitive teeth (dentine hypersensitivity) there is no perfect solution that works for all. However, if you consider: reviews, surveys and clinical papers then BioMin F is a strong candidate to be voted the Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth.

BioMin is the culmination of ten years of award winning research at Queen Mary’s Uni London and has been described by the BBC as having a magic ingredient.

Best toothpaste for Sensitivity teeth

5 reasons why BioMin F might be the Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

1. Consumer reviews. No.1

BioMin F is No.1 rated Toothpaste and Dental Care product.  With an average 4.8 out of 5 and 210 + reviews.  The super market big brands are generally rated 3 stars and below.

2.  85%+ reviews confirm sensitivity reduction

85% + of users said they gained a reduction in sensitivity from using BioMin F.  (Nov 2020)

3. 73% said BioMin F more effective than any other.

In 2018/19 Dr Stefano Daniele under took a clinical trial to compare BioMin F in the treatment of sensitive teeth (Dentine Hypersensitivity).   73% said BioMin was more effective than any other sensitivity treatment they had previously used. Article

4.  Greater reduction in pain scores.

Independent researchers have compared BioMin F against a number of supermarket leading toothpaste brands. BioMin F showed a greater reduction in pain scores reported from sensitive teeth / dentine hypersensitivity – See clinical papers

5. 40 – 75% greater pain score reduction than potassium nitrate .

Researchers compared BioMin F against potassium nitrate based toothpaste (active ingredient in many supermarket brands) and found BioMin F reduced sensitivity between 40% (air blast) and 75% (tactile) more. See clinical papers

Order some BioMin and start treating your sensitivity.

What causes sensitive teeth?

If the tooth’s dentine (under the enamel and gums) is exposed the tooth can become sensitive. The dentine has tiny holes / channels called tubules; these tubules contain fluids which can activate nerves and cause mild to severe pain.

  • Gums: with aging or disease can recede exposing the open tubules.
  • Brushing too hard can cause enamel erosion especially near the gums.
  • Dental erosion / tooth decay can cause the dentine to be exposed.
  • Whitening treatments: can temporarily de-cap the tooth’s tubules and cause sensitivity
How does sensitivity toothpaste work?

Sensitivity toothpaste work by either occluding (covering or sealing ) the exposed tubule or desensitising the nerve.

BioMin delivers a more complete seal.

Most sensitivity toothpaste using an occlusion method to reduce sensitivity simply create a surface coating over the exposed tubule.  BioMin particles are small enough to enter the exposed tubules and help seal from within, allowing BioMin to deliver a more complete seal[iii] , and a greater reduction in sensitivity[iv].

Will BioMin work for me?

For sensitive teeth (dentine hypersensitivity) BioMin is highly likely to help.  Follow the instructions, if pain continues to persist, visit your dentist.

How long before BioMin helps reduce sensitivity?

Good things take time.  BioMin works to internally for better results. Normally you should experience significant reductions in sensitivity within a couple of weeks (same with most sensitivity toothpastes). Some people get an instant response, some take a tad longer.Performance improves over time.

Is BioMin a one off treatment?

As with other sensitivity products BioMin is becomes your regular toothpaste, and should be used twice per day for continued results.

Can I spot dab for extra reduction?

Yes. If you know a specific food or environment sets off your sensitivity you can spot dab BioMin onto the tooth for some extra sensitivity relief

Is BioMin F the Best toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth ? See what the reviews say reviews related to sensitive teeth.

Note: Everyone is different all users may not gain the same results.


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