Almost gave up but then found BioMin

5 star review

Thought I’d never find a toothpaste that would heal my sensitivity. I’d tried DIY remineralising pastes with no luck. I stumbled upon biomin and thinking I had nothing else to lose I’d give it a try. The reviews were all positive so I had a good feeling about it. It’s only been 2 weeks since using BioMin but the results are already more than I could have ever hoped for! My sensitivity pain halved in the first 5 days and now at the 2 week mark, it’s hardly present at all. I can’t wait for the benefits that will come with its extended use. I won’t be using anything else other than BioMin from now on, I just wished I had found it sooner. It took a bit of getting used to brushing your teeth half an hour before eating and not rinsing your mouth but for the results I’m getting, I’m more than happy to do it. K.J 2018

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