No.31 Toothpaste to smile about

5 star review

For all those times I’ve been brushing my teeth with oral B, Colgate, white glo, activated charcoal, beer and bourbon, I could of been using BioMin toothpaste. All those times I missed out on all that fantastic remineralising benefit, has aged my teeth almost 100 years.

Thank goodness my partner brought me these for my birthday three months ago. I never heard of a toothpaste that can strengthen teeth while you sleep and don’t understand half the science of it, but I was very fascinated. I tried it and used as instructed, which meant just spitting after brushing and not rinsing. Was I amazed at what it had done to my teeth.

Before I would talk with my mouth as closed as possible, but now i open wide, smile openly and show my teeth proudly. After a few months of using this toothpaste my teeth was noticibly whiter, brighter and stronger. I was intrigued by how quickly it relieved my teeth sensitivity. Of course, I had to use it consistently for 2 months to notice a real difference.

Wish I found this toothpaste earlier, as it would of saved me from some cavities and preserved my natural beauty. I would of still been the same handsome fellow that my partner and the public loved, if my teeth stayed almost as immaculate as it was 7 years ago. Oh well, better late than never.

Still noticing minor improvements to my teeth, even after 3 months, which is surprising. People thought I got dental works but all I did was brush my teeth twice a day with BioMin and cut out coffee, cigarettes and red wine. I even had my mum call me a ‘pretty boy’ for the first time in 10 years, which is amazing.

I do believe BioMin toothpaste is the real deal. I’ve never used anything as good on my teeth as BioMin toothpaste. Who would think that one tube of paste can bring so much happiness. Will keep brushing my teeth with BioMin. Kung Fu Chicken 2018

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