Excellent results for adult with sensitive teeth and children

5 star review

I decided to give it a try specifically for my daughter who was born early which resulted in the hard layer not forming on her teeth. She has had multiple fillings on most of her baby teeth and even with good diet, 3 monthly dental visits, high fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash it was not improving. I was concerned about the impact of the high fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash on her body and was obviously concerned it wasn’t helping. So when I read about this product in a magazine and investigated, it made sense and I decided to try it. Whilst I was investigating I also read that there was a lot of positive results for sensitive teeth. I have had senitive teeth for years and tried many senstitive teeth toothpastes with only limited improvement. Since changing to this toothpaste 12+ months ago, my daughter has had only 1 cavity, her adult teeth are looking good. My other children although having had no dental issues previously, now also use it and their teeth are still good. SInce changing, the sensitivity in my teeth quickly decreased and within a month or so, no sensitivity at all. Highly recommend this product based on our results with it so far, Loni 2018

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