Fantastic Family toothpaste

5 star review

We have been using this toothpaste for the pas 13 tubes we have used. We all find the flavour good and not too strong including our 8-year-old son who came off “kids” flavoured toothpaste on this one.
Highly recommend the toothpaste holder, its easy to load and has stopped bathroom mess and means that everyone finds it easy to get out the last of the toothpaste
We are about to return to the dentist after lockdown so will see what impact it has had. Can say from an observation though that I have had much fewer occurrences of gum-related inflammation occurring (my weakness) and my husband hasn’t had any further teeth decay issues (his weakness) since we have been using this.

We bought in bulk (12+1 bonus tube) and this worked out well during the shutdown time and we are doing again.
We have used 11 of the 13 tubes and we ordered in 19 August 2019 and have only used this toothpaste for a family of 3 so it’s over a years supply for us. We are also moving towards via subscription / bulk so this works well for us.

Would recommend.

*BioMin does offer a free travel tube if you submit a review, but it is not a requirement for this to be positive. I have posted other Product Reviews for products I find our standouts and I would consider this to be one. All comments in this post are genuine.


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