Vegan Remineralising Toothpaste

Vegan remineralising toothpase

Vegan remineralising toothpaste


BioMin is a breakthrough vegan remineralising toothpaste, the culmination of 10 years of university research and the recipient of multiple awards. Available in low fluoride and fluoride free variants BioMin has rapidly become No.1 toothpaste brand.


Demineralisation (decay) is the loss of minerals from tooth enamel, remineralisation is the replacement of those minerals. When demineralisation is greater than remineralisation for an extended period tooth decay will occur.

BioMin delivers bio-available calcium and phosphate, the building blocks of enamel to significantly speed up the remineralisation process. BioMin F in addition provides low levels of fluoride which acts like a catalyst to helps to further accelerate the remineralisation process.  The low level fluoride also strengthens the tooth and makes the enamel 10X more acid resistant.

The BioMin remineralising difference

Remineralisation of tooth enamel is a natural but very slow process. BioMin F and BioMin C can significantly increase the rate of remineralisation by:

  1. Reducing acidity:  BioMin lowers the pH (acidity) in the mouth helping remineralisation to occur over demineralisation.
  2. Supplying bio available calcium & phosphate:  intrinsically saliva is lacking in sufficient quantities of calcium & phosphate to drive the remineralisation process. BioMin’s helps stabilise and make these two minerals available so they can enter enamel and enhance remineralisation.
  3. Extending fluoride availability (BioMin F). Fluoride acts as a catalyst in driving the remineralising process and help inhibit demineralisation. BioMin F uses approx. 60% less fluoride than adult toothpaste (530 vs 1450 ppm) and is able to make it therapeutically available up to 6X longer.

BioMin is an alternative to GC Tooth Mousse®

GC Tooth Mousse is an effective remineralising agent, it delivers stabilised calcium and phosphate using a milk casein protein (ACP-CPP). BioMin is an alternative to GC Tooth Mousse, instead of the casein protein it uses a vegan mineral process.  Like GC Tooth Mousse BioMin is also an effective treatment for dentine sensitivity (sensitive teeth).

Approved By Oral Health Foundation for remineralisation

BioMin C or BioMin F

BioMin C is the fluoride free variant of BioMin, whilst BioMin F contains low levels of a unique extended release fluoride (530 ppm normal adult toothpaste approx 1,450 ppm). Both BioMin products are effective remineralising agents. BioMin F delivers a higher level of performance due to its slow release fluoride.


BioMin for Kids / Age of use

All BioMin toothpaste can be used for ages 3+ (can spit out excess). BioMin F has a kids variant, with the same active ingredient and strawberry flavouring.


Performance clinical and consumer feedback.

BioMin has a numerous clinical papers and research documents that confirm it is an effective remineralising product.  BioMin F is’s No.1 consumer rated toothpaste with over 190 reviews and an average consumer 4.8 out of 5. BioMin C is the No.2 rated toothpaste.

Below are reviews from consumers. Please note everybody is different and results may differ between individuals.


Making the switch

BioMin is a higher performance everyday vegan remineralising toothpaste, that becomes your everyday toothpaste. Make the switch to BioMin today help remineralise your teeth, fight decay and sensitivity and as a bonus enjoy whiter teeth. (68% of report whitening benefits).

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