’s No.1 rated toothpaste is helping Aussie teeth be healthy for a selfie’s No.1 rated toothpaste is helping Aussie teeth be healthy for a selfie

Poor teeth are one of the main reasons why Aussies don’t always smile in their selfies. BioMin F a new toothpaste developed at the Queen Mary University of London, is helping bring back confidence.


“ I noticed white spots / white patches on my daughter’s teeth and sought out a solution. She is on the shy side overall and won’t smile, so I was willing to try anything to boost her confidence. In addition, the spots were very noticeable, and I was sure that others in her school would have noticed too and made assumptions about her dental hygiene.”  N mum of a 14 years old girl.


Poor alignment, genetic defects and decay are the main causes of poor teeth, the first two can be expensive and difficult to treat, luckily, however, decay can be relatively easy to fix and prevent.

Tooth decay is caused when acids dissolve the tooth’s surface. Early decay can show through as brown stains or increased susceptibility to staining from foods as well as white marks and white spots on the tooth’s surface. Left unchecked this early decay can result in cavities forming and a trip to the dentist’s chair.

Good oral care coupled with a low sugar and carb diet can help keep teeth healthy and ‘selfie’ ready.  A new breakthrough toothpaste called “BioMin F” is helping thousands of people with their everyday dental care and giving them that extra boost when required.

BioMin F was born from over a decade’s research at the very prestigious Queen Mary University of London. It has a unique slow release mechanism which coats the teeth with a reservoir of essential minerals that fight decay longer and repair early damage faster.

BioMin F slow release mechanism means it uses fluoride more efficiently, is has around 60% less fluoride than conventional toothpaste, but more importantly retains therapeutic levels up to 6 times longer. This breakthrough has the dental world buzzing.


BioMin F’s also delivers relatively high levels of calcium and phosphate to help boost the tooth’s natural repair processes. White spots which can affect confidence can take many years to naturally resolve, BioMin F patients have shown significant improvements within months. By helping to repair the tooth’s enamel it also makes the tooth more resistant to brown stains and marks developing.

BioMin F helps remineralise and repair enamel to help bring that healthy white shine back to teeth