Benefits of Fluorapatite

Benefits of fluorapatite

Fluorapatite protects against tooth decay

Fluorapatite is more resistant to acid than the tooth’s enamel  (hydroxyapatite) and hence gives greater protection against acid attack and tooth decay. The fluoride ion fits in the centre of the triangle formed by the Ca (II) in the apatite lattice. The hydroxyl ion is slightly larger and is displaced above the Ca (II) triangle which distorts the crystal structure making the apatite less stable

The minimum therapeutic concentration of fluoride is about 1ppm that typically is the level added to drinking water. At this concentration, direct fluorapatite formation is thought to occur, rather than forming octacalcium phosphate that subsequently converts to apatite.

Conventional toothpaste use a soluble fluoride. The fluoride is introduced during brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, however, the fluoride rapidly diminishes falling exponentially with time.


To be effective fluoride needs to deposited slowly over time.

In contrast, BioMinF technology uses a much lower level of fluoride that is delivered (deposited) in a controlled manner over a period of 12 hours after brushing. This process is in line with the comment from the world-renowned expert, Prof Ten Cate, who states:

Low Concentrations of fluoride have a beneficial effect on enamel and dentine remineralisation. After fluoride treatments such as topical applications rinses or dentifrices salivary fluoride concentrations decrease exponentially in a biphasic manner to very low concentrations within a few hours. For treatments to be effective longer than the brushing and salivary clearance, fluoride needs to be deposited and slowly released”

BioMinF creates a fluorapatite armour

BioMinF’s slow release formula creates a 24/7 protective fluorapatite armour, whilst using less than 1/2 the fluoride of traditional toothpaste.

Give BioMinF a try today and start noticing the difference!

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