Active 24hr Acid + Sugar Protection

Actively protect teeth against sugars and acids!

Did your dentist ask you if you have a lot of acids in your diet ?
Do you eat sugary foods, drink soft drinks or wines?


Fact 1:  Acids found in foods and drinks can dissolve teeth and cause decay.

Fact 2:  Sugars are metabolised by bacteria living in plaque, they output acids which dissolve teeth and cause decay.

Fact 3:  Fluoride has been proven to fight decay and help to repair teeth.

Fact 4:  Researchers have shown the fluoride in regular toothpaste lasts for only about 100  mins!



After about 100 mins1 the fluoride in regular toothpaste drops to levels which are below a therapeutic (medical benefit) level.  If you wash your teeth at 8:00 am before you go to work, the fluoride is gone by around 9:40.  Before you even get to your second coffee, let alone that muffin.  Most people wash their teeth twice per day, that’s a 10-hour gap.


Researchers say

Researchers say it would be beneficial to have a constant supply of fluoride available in the mouth. In the 70’s researchers conducted an experiment to see the benefits of continuously available fluoride in children mouths. After 2 years they found that this group had close to 70% less cavities than those without the glass beads. For more than 40 years a practical mechanism to deliver a continuous supply of fluoride eluded scientists.

Breakthrough fights acids

A team at Queen Mary University London under the direction of Professor Hill developed a toothpaste that could slowly release fluoride for up to 12 hours. This toothpaste called BioMinF, releases fluoride to fight decay and essential tooth building minerals of calcium and phosphate to rebuild the tooths surface.  Or what dentists call remineralization.

Stop Acids

BioMinF is an intelligent toothpaste. When the mouth becomes an acidic environment, BioMinF releases additional essential minerals. These minerals actually work to neutralise (stop) the acids in the mouth and protect and repair the tooths surface.


Next time your dentist says: Your teeth are looking better!

Say you upgraded your toothpaste to BioMinF.  It actively protects teeth 6X longer than regular toothpaste. Helping to protect against the damage caused by acids and sugars.


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  2. Ten Cate, J. M. (1997), Review on fluoride, with special emphasis on calcium fluoride mechanisms in caries prevention. European Journal of Oral Sciences, 105: 461–465

BioMinF responds to sugars and acids to prevent decay.

When sugars or acids are consumed BioMinF responds by releasing calcium, phosphate and fluoride essential minerals. BioMinF actively protects and rebuilds the tooths surface

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