Case Study : BioMinF fixes white marks, repairs white spot, lesions, demineralisation

Case study: BioMinF fixes white spots, white marks, white lesions on teeth

Before using BioMin F
After using BioMin F for 5 months

14-years-old female white spots / white marks from early age.

Parent’s Comment : (NSW)

[Excerpt from discussion]

I read about BioMin Toothpaste and its white spot repair properties. I noticed white spots / white patches on my daughter’s teeth and sought out a solution. She is on the shy side overall, so I was willing to try anything to boost her confidence. In addition, the spots were very noticeable and I was sure that others in her school would have noticed too and made assumptions about her dental hygiene.

I am pleased to say after 5months of use the improvement is significant and noticeable even without side-by-side images. My daughter is very pleased with the results as am I. We will continue to use the toothpaste across our whole family. Thank you for helping our daughter.

Clinical Research:

White spot lesions can naturally remineralise over time, in 75% of cases the white spots can become sound enamel in 6 to 7 years, with 25% leading to cavities[i].  Optimal remineralization depends on exposure to low concentrations of calcium, phosphate and fluoride for prolonged periods[ii].  BioMin F has a slow release mechanism of calcium, phosphate and fluoride. It has a high capacity to remineralise white spot lesions[iii].


[i]  Pot T, Groeneveld A, Purdell-Lewis DJ. The origin and behavior of white spot lesions. Neth Dent J 85: 6-18, 1977.

[ii] Franklin Garcia-Godoy-et al, Maintaining the integrity of the enamel surface.., JADA, Vol 139 2008

[iii] S.Alghamdi et al, BioMin can Remineralise White Spot Lesions Surrounding Orthodontic Brackets., Presented at IADR SF 2017

BioMin F advanced remineralising toothpaste

BioMin F is an advanced remineralising toothpaste with a relatively high remineralisation rate. It works to neutralise acids, remineralise the tooth’s enamel whilst making the enamel up to 100 times more acid resistant. BioMin F can be used for every day as a preventative and protective toothpaste and also as an advanced remineralisation dental care product.