BioMinF Armour for Teeth®

BioMinF Armour for Teeth®  has a unique patented  technology which helps repair lost minerals from the tooth’s enamel and guards against modern diets.
Repairs and protects across the whole day

Day and night protection.

BioMinF replicates and works in harmony with the process that already takes place in the mouth.  BioMinF has a patented long release formula which releases low doses of fluoride onto the tooth’s surface for up to 12 hours after brushing.  A protective fluorapatite armour is created on the tooth’s enamel to strengthen the tooth, improving the tooth’s ability to resist attack from acids.

Remineralising Toothpaste

BioMinF also slowly dispenses calcium and phosphate, which replaces the natural minerals lost in saliva when eating or drinking. These minerals may not only protect the structure of your teeth, but also rebuild and strengthen them.

Low flouride.

BioMinF Armour for Teeth® uses less than half* the fluoride levels of regular toothpaste, and lasts up to 6 times longer3.  BioMinF Armour for Teeth®   patented long release formula delivers therapeutically beneficial levels of cavity fighting fluoride for up to 12 hours.

* BioMinF Armour for Teeth® available fluoride content when packed 600 ppm. Standard toothpaste is generally 1400 to 1500 ppm.

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