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 GC Tooth Mousse Plus alternative BioMin
GC Tooth Mousse Plus alternative BioMin F for Kids Strawberry.
GC Tooth Mousse alternative  BioMin™ C. (Fluoride Free)


GC Tooth Mousse Plus alternative BioMin F, is’s  No.1 rated ToothpasteDental Care Product, and Health Product and is approved by the Oral Health Foundation for remineralisation and dentine hypersensitivity. Developed over 10 years at Queen Mary Uni (London), BioMin can be used to help treat: early decay / demineralisation / enamel wear, hyper mineralised enamel , white spot lesions, transparency and dentine hypersensitivity. BioMin can also be used pre, during and post orthodontics and whitening to help reduce / repair demineralisation.   For ages 3+ (can spit out excess)

A key difference:

BioMin F and Tooth Mousse Plus both deliver calcium, phosphate & fluoride to the tooth, BioMin uses a mineral based (vegan) carrier technology and benefits from being able to control the fluoride release.

4 Advantages of BioMin over Mousse products
  1.  Ease of use : BioMin becomes your everyday toothpaste no more extra steps.
  2. Cost effective – Only $12.50 / $13.50 per 100-gram tube
  3.  Vegan Friendly – no animal products used or animal testing. ie Dairy Free.
  4.  BioMin can control fluoride release for extended performance

What do Mousse users think of BioMin?

Note: Everyone is different all users may not gain the same results.

BioMin for orthodontics, remineralisation and white spots.

BioMin FTM and GC Tooth Mousse PlusTM are both fluoridated remineralising agents, that are used in dental applications. A 2019 clinical paper  evaluated the aesthetic  improvement of white spot lesions (WSL).  Both products were shown to remineralise the enamel caries (decay) and showed improvements in colour change and fluorescence.  J Clin Exp Dent. 2019;11(9):e776-82. 

BioMin a remineralising agent.
  • BioMinF toothpaste showed a substantial potential to promote remineralization of demineralized human enamel. Farooq et al
  • BioMin F paste can be considered an effective remineralizing agent for white spot Lesions. BioMin F was capable of remineralizing the sub-surface enamel lesion efficiently… Bakry et al, 
BioMin helps repair the cause of sensitive teeth.

BioMin helps internally seal the common cause of sensitive teeth with ongoing use.  Over 85% of reviews report a reduction in sensitivity.

[iii] Crawford M/ Dentine hypersensitivity Causes, diagnosis and treatment. Dentistry 24.10.2017  [iv] BioMin Clinical Papers for sensitivity.

Dr Tony Smith: now recommends BioMin for the treatment of sensitive teeth.
BioMin consumer benefits
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    Don’t let price fool you as an indicator of performance, BioMin has been priced to be affordable to more people

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    Compliance & Ease of use

    BioMin becomes your twice a day toothpaste, no extra steps.  Simply brush for 2 mins twice per day, swirl for 30 sec, spit, don’t rinse and your good to go!

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    BioMin needs less fluoride

    We are pro fluoride. We also believe in using fluoride more efficiently.  BioMin’s slow-release formula only needs 530 ppm of fluoride to be effective. BioMin C is also available for those not wanting fluoride.

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    Vegan friendly & Gluten Free

    BioMin uses a mineral process, it does not contain animal products. BioMin does not contain gluten and is Halal certified. You can follow the links to see the ingredients list for BioMin F and BioMin C, if your are allergic to any ingredients please do not use.

Join thousands of others and give BioMin F or BioMin C a try,  you might be pleasantly surprised.

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