BioMin C Armour for teeth: High Performance Fluoride FREE toothpaste

BioMin C high-performance fluoride free toothpaste

Developed for those who wish to use a fluoride-free toothpaste but still want a higher level of performance. No.1 rated brand.

BioMin toothpaste has rapidly become No.1 rated toothpaste brand. BioMin C (fluoride free variant) is the number 1 rated fluoride free toothpaste and No.2 overall (BioMin F No.1).  BioMin toothpaste has a slow release mechanism that makes the essential ingredients of calcium and phosphate available for up to 12 hours rather than rapidly being washed by saliva following brushing. This ongoing availability of calcium and phosphate helps drive the natural remineralisation process and the rapid creation of hydroxyapatite the analogous version of enamel.


Optimised for remineralisation and acid neutralisation

The researchers at Queen Mary University London optimised the bio-available ratio of phosphate to calcium for remineralisation. As the BioMin molecule dissolves it also active neutralises acid in the mouth helping to protect the teeth and promote remineralisation over demineralisation (mineral loss).

Fluoride Free choice

BioMin C was designed for consumers wanting a high-performance fluoride free toothpaste, and for those regions where ground waters contain high rates of naturally occurring fluoride.

Why do you need calcium and phosphate in toothpaste.

Your enamel is in a continual natural process of demineralisation (loss of minerals) and remineralisation (gain minerals). The tooth’s enamel is made up of approx 96% calcium and phosphate, if the demineralisation is greater than the remineralisation for extended periods decay will occur and ultimately a cavity.  Researchers have found that saliva is generally times lacking sufficent calcium and phosphate to optimise the level of remineralisation. Products such as BioMin make available bio-available calcium and phosphate to assist the remineralisation process.


Everyday toothpaste.

BioMin C is designed to be used as an everyday toothpaste, it is recommended that consumers do not rinse following washing, but rather spit out excess product to maximise product performance

BioMin F vs BioMin C which one should I buy?

Ultimately BioMin F will perform better than BioMin C because of its unique slow release fluoride formula. BioMin F has a higher remineralisation rate and delivers superior performance in the treatment of sensitivity. Please note BioMin F has 530 ppm of fluoride vs 1450 for normal fluoride toothpastes.

BioMin F

BioMin F contains fluoride,  Calcium and Phosphate held apart by a bio-glass. As the glass starts to dissolve in saliva these three ions combine to precipitate fluorapatite on the tooth’s surface. Fluorapatite is more resistant to acid attack than hydroxyapatite (tooth’s natural material) by a factor of 10.

BioMin C

Within BioMin C, a chloride ion (like chloride in salt NaCl, not pool chlorine)  replaces the fluoride ion incorporated in BioMin F. BioMin C reacts fast and develops hydroxyapatite (tooth material) within minutes, however, it does not provide the enhanced acid resistance of BioMin F (BioMin F’s slow release fluoride creates this).

How does BioMin C work?

When brushing with BioMin C a thin coating of BioMin C is placed on to the tooth’s surface, saliva breaks this coating breaks down releasing essential minerals (calcium, phosphate and chloride) to help repair the tooth’s enamel surface from early decay. The tooth’s enamel is made up of 98% calcium and phosphate, BioMin C makes these minerals available for remineralisation to occur at a more rapid rate.


BioMin™ C toothpaste contains the following ingredients:

Glycerin, Silica, PEG, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, ChloroCalciumPhosphoSilicate, Titanium Dioxide, Flavouring, Carbopol, Potassium Acesulfame.

Do not use if you allergic to any of the ingredients.