BioMin has helped give me back my smile!

With stained teeth and noticeable decay, I was becoming increasingly self-conscious about my smile. Gone were the days of flashing a bright, open and happy smile; instead, concern about what others would think if they saw my teeth plagued my thoughts.

Enter BioMin F Armour for Teeth, backed by the support and encouragement of my Dentist, and not only has my approach to dental hygiene been turned 180°, so too has my attitude.
For so many years we’ve been taught ‘brush-floss-rinse’. I used to diligently scrub my teeth thinking it would help remove plaque and prevent decay. Instead, I was gradually wearing away the precious enamel on my teeth, weakening them and exposing them to decay. I never liked flossing, so I rarely did, and I found that mouthwashes didn’t really seem to do anything.
Now, following BioMin’s guidelines, I start with a quick rinse, floss using a water pik (which I love!) and then gently brush, finishing off with a swirl and spit.

Before BioMin my attitude was all about preventing decay, whereas now it’s one of protecting through remineralisation – from breaking down (plaque) to building up (enamel).

And I am loving the results – my teeth are becoming noticeably cleaner, the shadows of the beginnings of decay are reducing, and my smile and confidence are returning. While the care of my teeth will be an ongoing work in progress, I’ll be sure to keep a tube of BioMin toothpaste next to my toothbrush for the duration.  Cailan

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