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Molar incisor hypo mineralisation

I’ve been using BioMin F for the past month or so and have been extremely happy so far. My teeth feel stronger (I even noticed this after the first use) and I’ve had a couple of people ask if I’ve had my teeth whitened because this toothpaste appears to have whitened my teeth by a couple of shades. My 9 year old son has also been using this toothpaste as he has a condition called molar-incisor hypo mineralisation and it’s also whitened his teeth and at his last dental check-up last week, he received a great report and was told that he wouldn’t need any fillings or extra work done – something that was raised as a possibility at his last check-up six months ago. I’m hoping that continued use of this toothpaste may help prevent other dental procedures in future. I highly recommend this product!

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